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BraveHeart - Mean Reversion Algo

Updated: Apr 23

BraveHeart is a mean reversion algorithm employing a well-established technique of gauging price by utilizing a defined price range. This approach creates auto-generated pivots projected onto the chart, offering traders a reliable and replicable system for both automated and manual trade initiation. Meticulously designed for the $ES and $NQ markets across various timeframes, its core mission is to adeptly capture rapid market movements at critical levels. This is achieved by fine-tuning profit-taking strategies through the application of ATR (Average True Range) and an end-of-day exit mechanism.

Key features of BraveHeart include:

  1. Full Customization: Traders have the flexibility to customize the algorithm's system, including parameters such as trading range, allowed trading hours, and ATR trailing.

  2. Pyramiding Capability: The algorithm incorporates a pyramiding feature, enabling it to add positions intelligently, enhancing its ability to capitalize on favorable market conditions.

  3. EOD Exits: BraveHeart is equipped with coded end-of-day exits, aligning with proprietary end-of-day liquidation rules for a comprehensive risk management approach.

  4. User-Adjustable SL and TP: Traders have control over setting their own stop-loss (SL) and take-profit (TP) levels, tailoring the algorithm to individual risk tolerance and trading preferences.

  5. Autogenerated Pivots: The algorithm automatically generates pivots based on the defined price range, providing traders with valuable points of reference for decision-making.

  6. Automated Signals: The alerts created by these signals can fully be automated through ninjatrader, using our 3rd party partner, Ninja-view (

  7. Des:  The algorithm automatically generates pivots based on the defined price range, providing traders with valuable points of reference for decision-making.

This algorithm, BH, exhibits remarkable versatility across various timeframes and financial products such as NQ, thanks to the wealth of community-shared settings. Empowering traders with the flexibility to strategically harness its edge, BH facilitates trading, automation, and execution in myriad ways, offering an expansive spectrum to maximize the bot's potential.

BraveHeart not only provides traders with a dynamic tool for immediate market actions but also ensures a consistent and repeatable system. This reliability is substantiated by a comprehensive set of historical and live statistics, establishing BH as a dependable resource for traders seeking a competitive and data-driven edge in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

The robustness of our system enables the algorithm to uncover profitable opportunities even in smaller timeframes, such as the 15-second intervals on NQ and ES.

Thanks to our robustness, we offer users comprehensive visibility and control over our algorithmic trading systems. This includes features like Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL), trading times, scaling out, and more. This empowers traders to customize algorithms that align with their specific needs, supported by comprehensive backtested statistics. Our algorithms are designed to consistently generate profits over extensive historical and live samples, as endorsed by our satisfied members

We will continue to release updates in the future to enhance our existing strategies. Your feedback is invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate your effort and collaboration.

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