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Refund Cancellations Policy

Last Updated: [12/17/2023]

Thank you for choosing Genius Frequency. We are committed to providing valuable services and products related to investment, trading, and automated strategies. Please read the following refund and cancellation policy carefully.

1. Disclaimer of Use

By accessing any material or using the information on this website, you acknowledge that the content posted in the associated Discord server is not intended as investment advice. The administrators and CEO are not financial advisors. We strongly recommend that all investors conduct their independent research into individual stocks and assets before making any purchasing decisions. Please be aware that past stock performance does not guarantee future price appreciation. We do not guarantee profits, and trading involves risks. You are responsible for assessing the suitability of our products for your individual trading needs.

When utilizing any information or services provided by "Genius Frequency" or its chat rooms or trading rooms, you do so entirely at your own risk, and you are bound by the terms and provisions of this disclaimer. "Genius Frequency" is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer, and therefore, "Genius Frequency" and its subsidiaries do not provide any trading or investment advice, nor do they make recommendations to buy, sell, or short any security. You assume full responsibility for your actions. "Genius Frequency" is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only. We retain the right to modify our policies, rules, disclaimers, information, and anything related to "Genius Frequency" as we deem necessary.

2. Subscription Cancellation Policy

Once purchased there is no cancellation permitted. 

3. Refund Policy

Once purchased any of the listed items there is no refund.

For contacts: Email or (470-660-2816)

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