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The official release of UltimateScalper: BraveHeart

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Officially releasing, UltimateScalper: BraveHeart

UltimateScalper provides traders with autogenerated pivots, and backtested EMAs that have statistical edge. It also generates breakout & breakdown signals, an early warning of a potential big move:

This system is designed for discretionary traders, with the assistance from BTD algo, whos signals can be fully automated through ninjatrader. BH's best settings so far, shared by the community, is trading the ES future market on the 1minute, 5minute and 5seconds timeframes (see stats below, with slippage annd commisions included).

BraveHeart has been running live for fwd testing since september 2023

below are the stats of the BTD also on the 1min, and 5min and 5S timeframe

1min recent (11-01-23 to 12-12-23)

5min deep backtested (12-12-22 to 12-12-23)

recent (12-13-23 to 12/14-23) stats for 5S timeframe

deep backtested (06-28-23 till 12-14-23) stats for 5S timeframe

FWD testing started in september 23

learn how you can turn a $2K cash account with ninjatrader into $8K in 4 months using one of the bots:

learn more about paid access:

To learn more about all the existing algos and their stats:

get access:

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