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Midnight Sky - Breakout Algo

The MSKY algorithm is designed to execute breakout long and short trades, leveraging the popular trading strategy known as the 'open range breakout' (ORB) & MSKYs Consolidation system. This algorithm employs mathematical calculations to generate accurate pivot points, forming the foundation that guides the algorithm or traders who opt for manual trading in initiating trades. These auto-generated pivots also serve as valuable indicators for mean reversion scalps, catering to the needs of discretionary traders. The Consolidation Breakout MSKY variant appeals to traders who thrive in more controlled market environments, identifying and exploiting breakout opportunities within consolidation phases.

 Key features of MSKY include:

  1. Volume-Indicated Colored Candles: MSKY incorporates volume-indicated colored candles, providing visual cues to traders regarding market participation and intensity. Colored candles help traders interpret price action with respect to volume dynamics, enhancing decision-making and trade execution.

  2. Time Sessions for Trading Hours: Ortus utilizes predefined time sessions for allowed trading hours, optimizing trade execution by focusing on periods of heightened market activity and liquidity.

  3. ATR-Based Risk Management: The algorithm employs ATR for risk management, dynamically adjusting position sizing and stop-loss levels based on market volatility, ensuring optimal capital preservation and trade longevity.

  4. Multiple ORBs for Different Ranges and Purposes: MSKY incorporates multiple ORBs set for different price ranges and purposes, allowing traders to customize their trading strategies based on market conditions and preferences. This flexibility enhances adaptability and accommodates diverse trading styles.

  5.   EOD Exits: Ortus is equipped with coded end-of-day exits, aligning with proprietary end-of-day liquidation rules for a comprehensive risk management approach.

  6. Automated Signals: The alerts created by these signals can fully be automated through ninjatrader, using our 3rd party partner, Ninja-view (

MSKY offers traders versatility through its two distinct versions: the ORB MSKY and the Consolidation Breakout MSKY. The ORB MSKY variant caters to traders who prefer the dynamic nature of breakout strategies, leveraging the open range breakout technique to capitalize on early momentum in the market. On the other hand, the Consolidation Breakout MSKY version appeals to traders who thrive in more controlled market environments, identifying and exploiting breakout opportunities within consolidation phases. These two versions accommodate different trading styles, providing flexibility and opportunity for traders to capitalize on diverse market conditions. We offer extensive transparency and flexibility with our algorithmic trading systems, providing a diverse range of customizable options such as Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL), trading schedules, scaling strategies, and additional features. This empowers traders to fine-tune algorithms to suit their unique needs, ensuring alignment with individual trading approaches and risk management preferences. Our algorithms undergo thorough backtesting and forward-testing processes, instilling confidence in their performance across historical and real-time data. The proven profitability of our algorithms is evidenced by the satisfaction of our users, highlighting their effectiveness in real-market trading environments. We will continue to release updates in the future to enhance our existing strategies. Your feedback is invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate your effort and collaboration.

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