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Rocky - Range Breakout Algo

The Rocky Algorithm is crafted to specialize in executing breakout trades, harnessing the acclaimed (ORB) system. Within its framework, this system seamlessly integrates a series of advanced exponential moving average (EMA) systems, alongside automatically generated pivot points and an intelligent trailing risk management mechanism. Tailored to meet the needs of both automated and discretionary traders, Rocky additionally provides discretionary traders a set of guided system signals and features a user-friendly color-coded background interface.

Key Features of The Rocky Algorithm:

  1. Customizable Parameters: Traders enjoy the flexibility to customize parameters such as price ranges, EMA periods, and risk management settings, empowering them to tailor the algorithm to their individual trading preferences and risk tolerance levels.

  2. Advanced Exponential Moving Averages (EMA): By incorporating advanced EMA systems, the algorithm enhances signal accuracy and noise filtration, offering traders reliable entry and exit points that adapt to evolving market conditions.

  3. Automatically Generated Pivot Points: The Rocky Algorithm automatically generates pivot points, furnishing traders with essential reference markers to gauge market sentiment and make well-informed trading decisions.

  4. Intelligent Trailing Risk Management: Equipped with an intelligent trailing risk management mechanism, The Rocky Algorithm dynamically adjusts stop-loss levels, effectively mitigating risk and optimizing profit potential as trades progress.

  5. EOD Exits: Golden Arrow is equipped with coded end-of-day exits, aligning with proprietary end-of-day liquidation rules for a comprehensive risk management approach.

  6. Color-Coded Background Interface: Featuring a user-friendly color-coded background interface, The Rocky Algorithm enhances visual clarity, simplifying the trading experience for both automated and discretionary traders.

  7. Automated Signals: The alerts created by these signals can fully be automated through ninjatrader, using our 3rd party partner, Ninja-view (

Rocky's Intelligent EMA system brings unparalleled versatility to the algorithm, enabling it to capitalize on profitable opportunities across diverse market conditions. Rocky ensures reliable and strategic trade execution, maximizing profitability with extreme precision.

Our commitment to robustness extends to providing users with comprehensive visibility and control over our algorithmic trading systems. From setting Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) levels to defining trading times and implementing scaling strategies, traders have the flexibility to customize algorithms according to their specific needs. Supported by comprehensive backtested and forward tested statistics, our algorithms consistently demonstrate profitability across extensive historical and live samples, earning the trust and endorsement of our satisfied members.

We will continue to release updates in the future to enhance our existing strategies. Your feedback is invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate your effort and collaboration.

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