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Ortus - Trend Following Algo

The Ortus algorithm is a battle-tested trend-following system. This algorithm diligently seeks confirmations of bullish high-timeframe trends before precision-timing its entry by analyzing momentum across multiple timeframes. Once a trade is initiated, the algorithm adeptly manages its position by assessing each bar individually, leveraging mathematical models to calculate and strategically place take-profit and stop-loss orders to optimize trade outcomes.

 Key features of Ortus include:

  1. Multi-Sessions VWAP: Employing multi-sessions VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) across daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes, Ortus enhances trend confirmation and trade execution accuracy by aligning with key support and resistance levels.

  2. ATR-Based Risk Management: The algorithm employs ATR for risk management, dynamically adjusting position sizing and stop-loss levels based on market volatility, ensuring optimal capital preservation and trade longevity.

  3. Time Sessions for Trading Hours: Ortus utilizes predefined time sessions for allowed trading hours, optimizing trade execution by focusing on periods of heightened market activity and liquidity.

  4. Volume Moving Average Confirmation: By incorporating volume moving averages, Ortus confirms trend strength and market participation, enhancing trade conviction and mitigating false signals.

  5. 5-Minute ATR Trend Analysis: Ortus utilizes a 5-minute Average True Range (ATR) trend analysis, incorporating both slow and fast periods to identify and capitalize on market momentum shifts with precision.

  6.  EOD Exits: Ortus is equipped with coded end-of-day exits, aligning with proprietary end-of-day liquidation rules for a comprehensive risk management approach..

  7. Automated Signals: The alerts created by these signals can fully be automated through ninjatrader, using our 3rd party partner, Ninja-view (

 Ortus utilizes a 5-minute Average True Range (ATR) - Identifies multiple time frames for algorithmic bias. - Intelligent trailing ATR risk management to maximize wins.

Ortus's unique approach of incorporating higher time frames into its algorithmic framework enables the system to function seamlessly as both a scalping system and an intra-day swing system. By leveraging the insights gleaned from these higher time frames, Ortus forms a robust bias that facilitates agile decision-making in varying market conditions. Additionally, Ortus employs volume analysis to gauge trend strength, enabling it to exit positions strategically when signs of trend reversal emerge, thereby safeguarding profits and mitigating potential losses.

We provide comprehensive visibility and control over our algorithmic trading systems, offering a wide array of customizable features including Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL), trading times, scaling out, and more. This empowers traders to tailor algorithms to their specific requirements, ensuring alignment with individual trading strategies and risk tolerance levels. Our algorithms undergo rigorous backtesting and forward-testing, providing traders with confidence in their performance across extensive historical and live data sets. The consistent profitability demonstrated by our algorithms is validated by the satisfaction of our members, underscoring their effectiveness in real-world trading scenarios. We will continue to release updates in the future to enhance our existing strategies. Your feedback is invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate your effort and collaboration.

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